Choose the package that works best for you and your student...



Comprehensive Program

college research - high school success strategies and planning -complex summer plans and programs - testing assistance -psychological testing and recommendations - coaching - essay editing and ideation - application theming and planning - complete application assistance for all applications (up to 10) - visitation and communication - interview prep - final decision processes


We offer all of the above and customize it to the individual family and their student. Our team will work with your student when he or she needs us most, from beginning to end.

All the small details and all the big decisions are covered.


Express Support Package

When you only need some guidance on a particular issue, essay editing,  or general college expertise, we have 40-minute sessions to get you covered! Our associate counselors are ready to address your specific needs.


Support Counseling Package

This package is great for the family that wants to do most of the work themselves.  We include two 75 minute sessions, as well as an online personalized research and essay analysis tool for the length of your college search.  This plan can be rolled into the Comprehensive Program if needed.