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Hi! I’m Mary Byrne Lamb.  In high school and college, I was one of those odd students who actually looked forward to essay tests.  I turned this affinity for writing into a 25 year career, beginning in the business and technology sector and eventually becoming a full time freelance writer and editor.  Writing feature stories quickly became my specialty and I have written about everything from environmental law and domestic abuse clinics and abstract artists and baby turtles.  I have interviewed and written articles about small business owners, high-level executives, chefs, deans, law professors, internationally acclaimed artists, NY Times Best Selling authors, state supreme court justices, and I even secured a quote from Joe Biden during his tenure as Vice President of the United States.  I am also a mother to four children spanning almost every level of schooling, including college, high school, middle school, and 1st grade. At Forward College Counseling, I am able to combine my original love of essays with my professional writing experience to help students express themselves in writing to the very best of their abilities.